Our Brands

Our Vision

To revolutionize and lead the aromatherapy industry. With a highly-experienced and diversified team, SMI Global encompasses world-renowned brands including Smiss Technology, Flowermate Technology, EMILI, and Boundless Technology.

What We Offer

Join the SMI Global Family and allow our team’s experience and limitless dedication lead you on the path to success.

OEM Manufacturing

Have an idea? That’s great! Take the stress out of product development and let us help you bring it to market.

Technology and Innovation

SMI Global is constantly striving to make advancements in aromatherapy technology.


Renowned for competitive and affordable prices, SMI Global leads the aromatherapy manufacturing industry.

Why SMI?

Through many years in the aromatherapy industry, SMI Global has grown to encompass over 300 patents. This has been achieved through the utmost dedication of the entire SMI Global team and a standard of excellence that is reflected in the SMI Global brand and products.

  • 400+ Employees
  • 129,167ft² (12,000m²) Factory Area
  • 300 Patents
  • 200,000pcs Daily Capacity
  • Fast Delivery

Our Services

SMI Global specializes in the design, development, and production of aromatherapy devices, aromatherapy cartridges, and pod-based systems.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

With a team of 400+, SMI Global is able to bring together all the elements required to manufacture quality products.

Concept Development

From concept to production, our engineers make the design process straight-forward and as customizable as possible.


All projects go through an intensive prototyping phase to ensure that the final manufactured product functions as envisioned.

OEM Manufacturing

Launch your products exactly how you envisioned and with our 200,000 piece daily production capacity, our teams are able to handle the production volume for any small or large scale project.

Research & Development

With over a decade of experience in the aromatherapy industry. Our experienced R&D Staff has led to the accumulation of over 300 patents.

Product Testing

A wide range of strenuous tests are conducted on all products prior to production. Including usability, drop, battery functionality, and much more.

Keeping up with industry trends is a key ideology at SMI Global and because of this, we have focused our efforts and resources to advance research in aromatherapy based systems. Our goal at SMI is to develop and manufacture products that are high in quality, relevant to customers, and advanced in technology. The amount of consumers converting from combustion to aromatherapy vaporizers and 510 cartridge systems is growing exponentially.

Stay ahead of the trends with SMI Global and utilize our market research to develop
your own unique and OEM 510 cartridge and battery system.

Quality Products

Through the SMI Global family of brands many years of research, trials, successes, and leaps forward in technology are joined together. This allows for the highest of quality products to be manufactured at an affordable cost utilizing the many years of trial and error found within SMI Global. The SMI Global family of products can be found world wide and have introduced millions to alternative combustion methods.

Quality Materials

It is a necessity that food and medical grade materials are used in all SMI Global family of products.

MSDS reports and materials testes are conducted on all materials used in the manufacturing process. The safety and health of the customer is the number one priority for SMI Global.

Ready to start? Join the SMI Family of Brands!